Thursday, April 5, 2012

Design-it-yourself Customizable Modular Inset Cabinets

Wesley Ellen introduces their up and coming design-it-yourself inset cabinet system.
After serving the luxury homeowner market for the past five years, Wesley Ellen has chosen to create a more affordable way for the average homeowners to also enjoy this great style. 

Each unit is customizable in width, depth and height and you aren't stuck with the standard 3 inch increments; you can choose custom widths in 1/8th inch increments.

Available in a variety of wood species for staining or in solid maple for painted finishes.

Now available throughout the USA and Canada. 

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  1. Know the bones of your kitchen so there'll be no surprises. We wanted 90 inch pantry units and had a bulkhead with pot lights in it. I kept nagging my husband to have a look, and I was so glad because to our surprise we found vent work. Just enough to cause me to move to 80 inch pantries. Not a happy camper letting go of my floor to ceiling pantries, and needing more filler pieces to accommodate what was available in that height pantry. Agree?

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