Friday, October 19, 2012

Canadian Made Unfitted Cottage-Style Kitchens

For a clearer and larger photo, please click on the image.

When homeowners Rory and Maggie Daly came to us for custom cabinets, we were delighted.  At Wesley Ellen Design & Millwork, we love the casual unfitted English cottage-style look and so it's not surprising that this has been one of our favorite projects.

The timeless design and simplicity of this style is also seen in our own 'Cottage Collection' catalog. You can see examples of this in our earlier blogs or by visiting us at To receive your own PDF catalog, please email us at

The wood counter-tops are solid laminated beech and the black counter-tops, on either side of the range, are soapstone.



  1. Beatiful!! Someday I sure would love a kitchen just like that one!!!

  2. Very nifty! It looks lighthearted, spacious, and bright. The fixtures are just in the right spots and when taken as a whole; it creates a very neat and beautiful kitchen upshot! =)

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